The Fine Points Of Picking A Business Location Thursday, Aug 8 2013 

Choosing where to open your computer business is almost as important as providing high-quality work for your customers, yet few people know the first thing about choosing a good business location.

The availability of internet advertising makes it possible to place your business in a less-conspicuous spot, but it should still be easy to find. Make sure that your business space has convenient, free parking if you do not plan to validate; customers who have to repeatedly (more…)

Software: Best Business Bookkeeping Software Reviews Friday, May 31 2013 

If you are a business owner who is shopping around for bookkeeping software, you could be wondering how you can figure out which software program is right for you and your company’s needs. Luckily, there are plenty of business bookkeeping software reviews online for you to check out, and finding the best reviews can help you make the right purchasing decision when it comes to buying your software.

First of all, consider checking out the websites where (more…)

What Can You Learn From The Big Technology Retailers Sunday, Mar 24 2013 

Are you considering opening your own computer store and competing with major retailers? It can be done, if you are willing to learn from big technology stores, take their best practices as your own, and learn from their mistakes.

Major computer retailers make a large percentage of their profit from selling accessories, not computers. If you can find an underserved market of computer users who don’t want to drive 20 miles to buy a package of printer paper or a new mouse, you’ll have a profitable store.

Large technology retailers complain that consumers use them as a showcase, examining (more…)

Computer Security: Top Five Computer Antivirus Programs Tuesday, Jun 12 2012 

Trojans, spyware, malware, pups, and many other forms of viruses can infect your computer, slow it down, and potentially ruin your files. Below are five of the best programs that you can get.

Bit Defender Internet Security: Rated 96 out of 100, 4 out of 5 stars, this antivirus program protects against all viruses, e-threats and offers identity protection. It comes equipped with 2BG of back up storage, parent controls, file encryption, an Internet security and a file finder. Nothing’s breaking through this baby.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2012: This program has a way-way personal firewall, system watcher, parent control, (more…)

Important Steps For The Beginning Entrepreneur Tuesday, Jan 10 2012 

Creating an online business seems to be the way that most beginning business people are choosing to go with these days. There are many things to consider when trying to build your own online business. Probably one of the most important things to think about is a recognizable domain names. If you are going to try and bring in customers and make sales over the internet then you’ll want to have a domain name that they recognize, builds credibility and is memorable. Creating a domain is actually a very simple process – the more difficult part is coming up with a name that is available. You might also want to consider buying a good domain name from someone who owns it but is not really using it. You can use a whois search to help identify the domain’s owner and contact information if you can’t find it on their website.

When Is Computer Repair Not An Option Friday, Jul 15 2011 

It will happen at the worst possible time. It’s called “the blue screen of death”. It means that something very, very wrong has happened to your computer and your files are inaccessible. Sometimes you can get technical support, and sometimes it will cure the blue screen and get you back in business. But if there is no repair possible and you really need to keep going you do have options that can keep expenses down.

The first, and most expensive, option is buying a new computer. (more…)

Trade Publications To Enhance Your Computer Business Sunday, Jun 19 2011 

When you run a computer business, you can will receive a number of trade publications in the mail for free. If you business is listed in at least one phone book, you will eventually get calls from telemarketers offering a free subscription to numerous trade publications. The subscription to a trade magazine does not cost anything to you, although the company is offering the subscription is paying to have the telemarketers collect the data.

If you own a computer-related business and if you can afford to take a few minutes out of your day, you should take the survey these (more…)

How To Interview Prospective Technical Support Employees Saturday, Jun 4 2011 

Starting on the path of entrepreneurship is very rewarding and exciting. However, if you’re making the transition from solopreneur to hiring your first employees, you’ll want to think hard about the questions you will ask. This is especially true if you are hiring technical support staff members. These team members will be on the front line of your business, solving problems for both you and your potential customers or clients.

You’ll want to start by (more…)

Why work for a startup IT company? Wednesday, Jul 7 2010 

In today’s job climate, there are many people in the midst of a new job search. This might give you some indication that larger companies are not always the most stable. In fact, it might be crossing your mind to look at joining a startup company. There are a number of advantages to doing so. (more…)

Tips for starting your own business Wednesday, Jul 7 2010 

When you make the decision to start your own company, one can assume that you’ve already gone through a long decision-making process and have strong reasons. Maybe you’ve been laid off and don’t want to commit to another company where you don’t call the shots. Or maybe you still have a job, but want to strike out on your own nonetheless. Whatever the case, you now have some more important decisions to make. There are a few tips to make it easier. (more…)

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